About NCMS

NCMS is a non-profit, professional security society offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development at the local and national levels. For over 50 years, NCMS has provided building blocks in the development of security professionals through in-depth training, mentoring, and certification; as well as offering industry a voice at the national security policy level. In fact, no other professional association matches NCMS’ specific offerings or the return on investment for member benefits in the national security arena.

NCMS was founded in 1964 by a group of government and industry security classification managers and administrators who recognized the importance of establishing a society, national in scope, to advance the practice of Classification Management as a profession.

Today, the Society has almost 7,000 members in the United States and overseas including representatives from NATO countries. Within the U.S., members come from the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of State, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, General Accounting Office--virtually every Federal agency that deals with classification--and from the civilian contractors who work with these agencies. As the Society has grown over the years, its focus has also expanded. NCMS now provides professional development for its members in the field of classification management, information security, personnel security, computer security, operations security (OPSEC), facility security, and technology security.

In 2009, the 45th Board of Directors redefined the Society's previous purpose and scope into a new vision and mission to better reflect the goals and objectives of the organization, as well as the changing role of the security professional. The new vision and mission statements read as follows:


NCMS, through innovation and effective relationships, will provide its membership the tools and core skills that will enable them to meet their most challenging endeavors as contractor and government security professionals.


To be recognized throughout industry and the government as the premier organization for the development and implementation of quality training programs in all facets of security management and leadership; to ensure that our members strive for the highest degree of professional excellence; encourage the exchange of ideas and best practices between our members; to participate in national level working groups and committees to affect national security policies; and to help our members achieve the most challenging goals in the area of national security.

This strategic plan will be used as a guide for NCMS to take targeted and measurable action toward accomplishing its vision and mission. The plan outlines objectives that provide clear guidance for priorities and a basis for evaluation. It also calls for focus by our committees to maximize results and ensures NCMS is effective and accountable. Finally, it creates a framework for building on past accomplishments to help move NCMS forward and enables the NCMS Board to establish measurable goals annually.

Click to download our Strategic Plan.  

2016 - 2017 Board Goals & Objectives:

  • Expand and enhance NCMSU to provide current, relevant, and in-depth "how-to" training opportunities:
    • Provide at least one module of training for each security discipline via NCMSU;
    • Explore strategic partnership opportunities with other training providers.
  • Continue to enhance the NCMS Mentoring program:
    • Increase member participation by:
      • Overall growth: 10%;
      • Relationship growth: 100%.
    • Assessing the effectiveness of the program and communicating results to the NCMS membership. Maintain a 90% satisfacation rate.
  • Remain a voice in development of national security policy and continue to actively participate in National Policy Working Groups.
    • Develop and deploy tools, training, and other resources related to Conforming Change 2 and Risk Management Framework for NCMS members within their respective implementation methods.
  • Enhance the ISP® Program:
    • Assess the impact and value of the ISP® Certification by conducting a survey and reporting the results;
    • Review the program and respond to new policy requirements;
    • Add electives and update the test questions accordingly.
  • Address the needs of the Information Assurance (IA) community by:
    • Forming an alliance with at least one professional IA organization.
  • Society Growth:
    • Membership (10%; stretch goal = 20%)
    • Chapters (5%)
    • Seminar Attendance (10%)

    Note: The information is provided for reference only or for issues relating directly to Society business. It is not to be used for solicitation or marketing purposes.

NCMS is governed by a Board of Directors nominated and elected by the membership. The Board meets four times during the year to conduct regular Society business. Each director is elected to a three-year term of office; the Executive Officers are elected from among the members of the Board and serve as officers of the Board for one year. Standing committees are in place, with oversight responsibility assigned to members of the Board, to provide structure and direction for Society activities throughout the year. Additional committees are formed as needed to establish uniform standards and promote specific goals of the Society. Committees may be established to study unique security disciplines and act in an advisory capacity to the Board.

Since 1995, NCMS has contracted with Multiservice Management Company (MMCo) to provide professional management services for the Society. MMCo, headquartered in Wayne, PA, serves as an independent contractor for NCMS and provides executive and administrative personnel to carry out the activities and programs of the Society and works closely with the Board to accomplish its strategic plan (make this a link back to the strategic plan)

The NCMS Board and NCMS Chapter Chairpersons meet jointly twice per year to ensure a continual dialogue is maintained regarding regionally-specific issues related to both the Society and the profession. The Board of Directors formally reports to the membership at the annual NCMS Training Seminar.

Board Officers

Mr. Dennis Arriaga, ISP®
SRI International

Vice President
Mrs. Aprille Abbott, ISP®
The MITRE Corporation
(781) 271-6146

Mr. Dean Young, ISP®
HID Global

Ms. Carla Peters-Carr, ISP®
Northrop Grumman


NCMS Staff
Executive Director
Mrs. Sharon K. Tannahill
Executive Director
994 Old Eagle School Road
Suite 1019
Wayne, PA 19087
(610) 971-4856
Fax: (610) 971-4859

Chapter Chair Liaison
Sarah Coulter, ISP®
Northrop Grumman


Board Members

Mr. Lynn Burns, ISP®
Northrop Grumman Information Systems
(402) 293-7015

Ms. Jane Dinkel, ISP®
Lockheed Martin

Ms. Sheila Garland, ISP®
Ball Aerospace

Ms. Catherine Kaohi, ISP®
C.S. Consulting

Ms. Trish Keller, ISP®
Comprehensive Health Services Inc.

Mrs. Hazel Martinez, ISP®
MZA Associates Corp

Mr. Larry Mustonen, ISP®
General Dynamics - MS

Ms. Dianne Raynor, ISP®
The Boeing Company
(805) 606-7302

Tammy Watts, ISP®
BAE Systems - Norfolk Ship Repair

Mr. Quinton Wilkes, ISP®
L-3 Communications
(703) 626-6187

Ms. Debbie Young, SFPC, ISP®
Honeywell International, Inc.